Food Isn't Impressed By Pretty Cookware

Chef Glenda is a new way for savvy chefs to buy restaurant-grade cooking equipment at reasonable prices. Up until now, the only ways for home cooks to buy their supplies were at big-box retailers or high-end specialty cooking chains. In both cases, you wound up with low-end quality you couldn't use or high-end frills you didn't need. 

Here at Chef Glenda our goal is to provide you with the same equipment used in restaurants around the world, meant to withstand the wear and tear of a commercial kitchen but also meant to look good in your home kitchen. We wouldn't sell anything we wouldn't use ourselves... in fact, most of these products already have made their way into our own kitchens.

We don't want you to pay for branding or advertising. We want you to pay for quality, and durability, and results. We want you to buy equipment that lives in your kitchen for years, not months. So come and take a look around. We're glad you stopped by.

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